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5 Crucial Soft Skills to Showcase on Your CV: A Guide by Crowe Watson Recruitment

5 Crucial Soft Skills to Showcase on Your CV: A Guide by Crowe Watson Recruitment

In the world of accountancy, hard skills are undoubtedly crucial. Your ability to crunch numbers, understand tax laws, and analyse financial statements is the backbone of your career. However, as the industry evolves, the importance of soft skills can’t be understated.

At Crowe Watson Recruitment, we recognise the value of well-rounded individuals who offer more than just technical expertise. As leading specialists in accountancy recruitment, we are here to guide you on the top 5 soft skills to showcase on your CV.

1. Communication Skills

One of the key misconceptions about accountants is that they are number-crunching hermits, buried in spreadsheets. However, accountants often work with diverse teams and communicate complex financial data to non-financial individuals. This means effective communication skills are invaluable. Showcase your ability to distil complex information into understandable language, to be both verbally articulate and a good listener. Highlight instances where you’ve been the bridge between finance and other departments, or where you’ve communicated financial reports to stakeholders.

2. Problem-solving Skills

Every accountant knows that not every financial problem fits neatly into an Excel formula. Often, creative solutions are required to overcome financial hurdles or find ways to save costs. If you can demonstrate a history of problem-solving, you’ll stand out to employers. Perhaps you discovered an error that had been overlooked or found a unique solution to a tax issue.

3. Adaptability

The finance industry is continuously evolving, with new regulations, technological advancements and financial instruments coming into play. Adaptability is therefore a crucial soft skill. Show recruiters that you’re not only able to keep up with these changes but can also thrive in them. Instances where you’ve quickly learned new software, adapted to new financial regulations, or managed change within your team are great examples.

4. Teamwork

Accountants seldom work in isolation. Instead, they are part of a larger team, often comprised of diverse professionals from different disciplines. Thus, being a team player is a key attribute. Showcase instances where you collaborated effectively to reach a team goal, navigate a challenge, or improve a process.

5. Attention to Detail

Attention to detail might seem like a hard skill, but it’s more about your ability to focus, be meticulous, and show perseverance. It’s a vital skill when preparing and reviewing financial statements, ensuring compliance, or analysing financial data. If you have instances where your attention to detail made a significant impact, ensure you include them in your CV.

Remember, the secret to showcasing these soft skills is not just listing them, but providing concrete examples of how you have used them in your professional experience. At Crowe Watson Recruitment, we understand the changing dynamics of the accountancy field and we’re here to help you navigate them.

While technical skills may get you an interview, soft skills will help you land the job and excel in it. They highlight your ability to fit into the company culture, work well with others, and navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Don’t underestimate their power on your CV. After all, accounting isn’t just about numbers, it’s about people too.

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