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Counteroffers in the Accountancy Practice industry are becoming increasingly common as firms try to retain top talent. While they may seem like a good solution in the short term, they can actually be detrimental to both the employee and the company in the long run.

When an employee receives a job offer from another company, they may be tempted to accept it and resign from their current position. However, some companies will then make a counteroffer in an effort to keep the employee on board. This can include things like a salary increase, a promotion, or other incentives.

While a counteroffer may seem like a good solution for both the employee and the company, it can actually be detrimental in the long run. For the employee, accepting a counteroffer can be seen as a sign of disloyalty and may damage their relationship with their current employer. Additionally, the reasons that led the employee to seek out a new job in the first place may not be resolved by a counteroffer, and they may find themselves in the same position a few months down the line.

For the company, counteroffers can be costly and disruptive. They may be faced with having to replace the employee if they do decide to leave, and the morale of the remaining employees may be affected. Additionally, the cost of a counteroffer can be significant, and it may be difficult to justify the expense to the Partners.

It’s important for companies to focus on creating a positive work environment and retaining top talent through regular communication, fair compensation, and opportunities for career advancement.

While this can be a real minefield, fear not! Our team at Crowe Watson are on hand to provide tailored advice that suits the individual/company as we are fully aware that something that works for certain situations, may not work for others.

Get in touch today and we will use our experience to guide you in the right direction.


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