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Flexible Working – What’s it all about?

Flexible Working – What’s it all about?

Since the pandemic, flexible working has become more prevalent in public practice. With an increasing number of firms offering flexible/hybrid working it really does seem that the accountancy practice industry has made some great changes as a result.

People are able to find a better work/life balance, firms have taken notice! Staff want to be in control of their day and be able to fit their work life around their social/family life and not, as has been traditionally thought, the other way round.

Below, we have listed the different types of flexible working that some of our clients are offering:

Core hours

Core hours are a set window of hours that you need to work each day and are what most firms offer. Normally the core hours will be something like 10am – 3pm and as long as you are in the office for those hours, you are free to choose how you make up the rest of your contracted hours. Whether you are a night owl and want to stay on later or you are an early bird and prefer to get in earlier. The choice is yours.

Hybrid/fully remote working

Since the pandemic, this option is becoming more and more available across many firms. Covid forced people to work from home and many of them found they liked it! Now, firms are open to showing a greater trust in their staff than they may have previously.

Hybrid working is normally split between a few days at the office and a few days at home allowing staff to find a true work/life balance.  You still get to experience the full company culture on the days that you are there. Many people use the office aircon to their advantage during the sweltering summer months.

Some firms even offer fully remote, although in our experience it’s certainly not the norm. With the way things are going, that may change soon! Firms no longer limit themselves to the area they are in to find the perfect accountant.

TOIL – Time off in lieu

This means that if you work overtime/extra, you are able to claim back that time at a later date. This would normally be up to an agreed limit between the firm and their staff.

Part time working

Part time is also an option that many firms will consider. So if you can’t commit to a full week, you may be able to work a set amount of hours over a certain amount of days. This can be a useful option should you have other commitments. If you see a role on our Vacancies page that you think would be suitable for you at part time hours, get in touch and we will find out if the client will consider it.

Additional holiday

Many firms offer additional holidays whereby you are able to buy extra days of holiday in exchange for a small portion of your salary. This can be a great perk if, for example, you have a particularly busy year…I knew someone who had eight weddings to attend in one year, that’s a lot of annual leave! Whatever the reason, additional holidays can be an excellent benefit.

If you want to start looking for your next career opportunity and would like to know more about the firms in your area that offer the above, please do get in touch with the team at Crowe Watson for a confidential chat to go through some options.



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