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Negotiating a better salary

Negotiating a better salary

Are you feeling underpaid and undervalued? You’re not alone. Not to worry, read on for some tips on negotiating a better salary and securing the compensation you deserve.

First things first, do your research. Know the going rate for your role in accountancy practice and use that as a benchmark. Remember that location will also play a part, a Senior role in Carlisle is unlikely to be paying the same as a Senior role in Central London! It’s important to have a clear understanding of what you should be earning so you can make a strong case for yourself.

Next, prepare your case. Make a list of all the awesome things you’ve done for the firm and be ready to share specific examples of how you’ve exceeded expectations and added value. This will give you confidence when it comes time to negotiate.

When it comes to the actual negotiation, remember to be confident. You’re not just asking for a raise, you’re asking for fair compensation for all the hard work you do. And don’t be afraid to communicate your long-term aspirations for the firm and how a better salary will help you achieve them.

Be open to compromise. It’s not just about the money, sometimes other perks like flexible working arrangements or additional benefits can be just as valuable.

And last but not least, don’t forget to follow up after the negotiation to confirm the details of the agreement and avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Negotiating a better salary can be nerve-wracking, but it’s a crucial step in advancing your career and making sure you feel valued. So don’t be afraid to speak up, you’re worth it!


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