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New Year, New Job: Why Now is the Right Time to Look for Your Next Role in Accountancy Practice

New Year, New Job: Why Now is the Right Time to Look for Your Next Role in Accountancy Practice


As the calendar turns over, it’s natural to reflect on your career trajectory and aspirations. For many professionals in the accountancy sector, the new year presents a unique opportunity to realign career goals. In this blog, we’ll explore why the start of a new year is an opportune time for accountants to seek fresh challenges and how to navigate the journey towards a fulfilling new role.

Understanding the Current Market in Accountancy

Market Trends

The accountancy practice in the UK is currently undergoing significant transformation. The rise of digital technologies, a greater emphasis on advisory services, and evolving regulatory environments are shaping the landscape. There’s a growing demand for accountants who are not just number crunchers but strategic thinkers and technology-savvy professionals.


This evolution opens up a variety of roles, from traditional auditing to financial consulting and forensic accounting. Remote and flexible working options have also become more prevalent, offering accountants a better work-life balance and wider job choices geographically.


According to the latest surveys, the demand for qualified accountants in the UK remains high, with many firms offering competitive salaries and benefits to attract top talent. Specialist areas like tax and audit continue to see robust hiring.

Benefits of Seeking a New Role Now

Professional Growth

A new role can significantly propel your career forward. It’s an opportunity to acquire new skills, take on more responsibilities, and even shift to a different accountancy niche, aligning more with your interests and long-term career objectives.

Financial Incentives

Changing jobs often comes with financial perks. Many accountants find that moving to a new company can result in a salary increase, along with improved benefits and bonuses.

New Year Momentum

The new year symbolises a new beginning. This period of renewed energy and ambition is ideal for setting career goals and taking decisive steps towards achieving them.

Transitioning to a New Role Effectively

CV and Skill Set

Update your CV to reflect your most current experiences and skills. Emphasise any new qualifications, such as Chartered Accountancy status or specialisations in areas like forensic accounting or digital finance.

Networking and Job Search Strategies

Leverage your professional network, including LinkedIn and industry events. Engage with recruitment agencies that specialise in accountancy and finance to uncover opportunities that may not be publicly advertised.

Interview Preparation

Prepare to articulate not only your technical expertise but also soft skills like communication, leadership, and adaptability. Be ready to discuss how your experiences align with the potential employer’s values and goals.

Overcoming Challenges

Addressing Fears

It’s normal to feel apprehensive about stepping into the unknown. Focus on the positives that change can bring and remind yourself of your accomplishments and capabilities.

Work-Life Balance

Consider employers who value work-life balance. It’s important to find a role where you can thrive both professionally and personally.


The start of a new year is an excellent time for accountants to consider new opportunities. Whether you’re seeking professional growth, better compensation, or new challenges, the accountancy sector offers a diverse range of possibilities. Take this time to reflect on your career goals, update your credentials, and step confidently into your job search. The right opportunity is out there waiting for you. Remember, every step you take towards a new role is a step towards fulfilling your professional aspirations. Embrace the possibilities that the new year brings and make 2023 the year of career advancement in accountancy!


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