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Newly Certified? The Perfect Moment to Evaluate Your Career Awaits!

Newly Certified? The Perfect Moment to Evaluate Your Career Awaits!

We’ve seen our LinkedIn feeds positively buzzing with cracking updates about qualification triumphs from accountants everywhere.

So, if you’re one of those determined troopers whose grit and passion for learning has paid off, and you’ve received your final pass confirmation – WELL DONE! Your success posts have been a treat to read, and we hope you’ve taken a moment to have a bit of a knees-up with your support crew.

But, when the excitement begins to simmer down, it’s a sound idea to set a bit of time aside to mull over the next steps in your career. This is the perfect chance to take advantage of our completely free and confidential career benchmarking service.

Whether you’ve nailed your CTA, received a nod for your ATT, ACA, ACCA, or AAT, or maybe you’ve reached a smashing career high as an auditor, payroll, or bookkeeping wizard – each victory you notch up as an accountant should come with a decent increase in both your standing and pay packet.

Our recruitment experts often have a chinwag with accountants who’ve been with the same company for quite some time. While some of these folks might have had some help with their qualifications through study breaks or financial aid, they’re often getting the short end of the stick when it comes to what they’re earning for the job they’re now equipped to do. They’re often taken aback when they find out what accountants of their calibre usually earn.

Even if you’re chuffed with your current position, it’s worth keeping in mind that those who change things up every 2-3 years often climb the ladder the fastest. Not only do they get a more generous pay packet, but mixing it up with a range of clients and getting stuck into different methods of working also makes them prime targets for firms looking to bring on top-tier leaders.

So, if you’ve recently bagged a professional certification, our message to you is crystal clear – drop us a line today to discover what new opportunities and benefits should be on your radar. Don’t miss your chance to fully enjoy the rewards of your hard graft.


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