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This August, Let Crowe Watson Recruitment Guide Your Next Leap in Private Client Tax!

This August, Let Crowe Watson Recruitment Guide Your Next Leap in Private Client Tax!

Contrary to the popular belief that summer equates to a slowdown in the job market, we at Crowe Watson Recruitment have noticed an intriguing pattern in the Private Client Tax sector. The summer period, specifically August, has consistently proven to be a pivotal time for job opportunities over the past three years. Curious? Let’s delve into why August could be your golden ticket to a new career path.

Crowe Watson Recruitment Presents an August Opportunity Bonanza

Annually, around mid-July, a range of firms, from the Big 4 to Top 10, and from family offices to boutiques, announce their headcount budgets for the upcoming FY24. The ripple effect? A significant surge of new positions emerging across their private client teams, aimed at fulfilling growth objectives. The London market, in particular, offers a vibrant array of possibilities, making it a fruitful hunting ground for ambitious professionals like you.

Timing is Everything: Get a Head Start with Crowe Watson Recruitment

Considering that most firms factor in a 3-month notice period, starting your job search journey in August puts you in an ideal position. With Crowe Watson Recruitment by your side, you’ll have enough time for interviews, negotiation, and onboarding. Furthermore, it provides a comfortable time-frame to acclimate yourself to your new team before the intense tax season hits in January.

Witness the Rise in Salaries this August

An appealing factor that makes August an optimal time to switch roles is the typical mid-July salary benchmarking undertaken by most firms. Consequently, August usually witnesses a reassessment and an upward adjustment in salaries. It’s an opportune moment to explore new roles when salary structures are experiencing a boost.

Making the Most of Summer with Crowe Watson Recruitment

Within the high-paced world of private client tax, carving out time is often a challenge. However, the summer period provides a respite, offering the perfect opportunity to focus on interviews. And this isn’t just beneficial for candidates, it works out well for the hiring partners too.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Summer tends to lull some individuals into a career pause, leading to a spike in job seekers in the autumn months. Initiating your search in August with Crowe Watson Recruitment helps you outpace this rush, providing you a competitive edge over those entering the market in September.

Whether your eyes are set on the Big 4, Top 10, or boutique firms, there’s no better time to consider your options. As your trusted partner in this exciting transition, we at Crowe Watson Recruitment invite you to reach out to us directly. Let’s embark on this journey together, finding the ideal role that aligns with your career aspirations!



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